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Pigsaw is a bloody fever dream of first person shooter, survival horror, and stealth. You are trapped in a nightmarish human abattoir, use whatever is at your disposal and do whatever is neccassary to stay alive and escape. The Butchers are relentless, expect no mercy and give none in return.


  • Survive the relentless pursuit of the Butchers. They are alert and aggressive predators, move quietly, hide often, and if spotted, run fast
  • Scavenge supplies scattered throughout the abattoir, and If you can stomach it, resort to cannibilism in a can.
  • Beat your enemies to a pulp with a lead pipe and when ammo permits blow their brains out with the visceral double barrel shotgun.
  • Manage your grid based inventory, and prioritise what you should carry.
  • Explore the labyrinthine abattoir, plunging deep into its guts and churning underbelly.
  • PSX and VHS Graphics Modes. Play the game crunchy and be weary of every pixel or play clean and slice yourself on the razor sharp polygons.
  • 40-60 minutes of gameplay to be consumed in a single meal.


Buy Now$5.00 AUD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 AUD. You will get access to the following files:

Pigsaw 1.3.0.zip 95 MB

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Tried out the game, pretty good.

had a blast playing the game!

respect ~ I have the same nightmare when I was  just a little child 

So with my second gameplay of this game I want to say I really do enjoy this game!! The more I get into the game the more I learn and I am really enjoying this series great game!!

Definitely a great experience! Plus there's Pigs with saws? What more could you ask for!


wow it's a cool game

Haven't been that scared in a while!


why SOMEONE make this awesome game FOR BUY?!


really enjoyed this game! Very gruesome! Lol please check out my play through :) x 

Loved your game, awesome.

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love dat 
but still cant buy hahha

very impressive retro feel, loved the easter eggs!

1st game I played. Didn't see the end but very gory for what looks like PS1 graphics

Very very very hard for me, but very fun too. An amazing game. 

This is my gameplay in portuguese.



I tried to download it but the download link is broken 

Is That happen to Anyone Else

to many instakill fans

hey can anyone let me know where the two secrets are thanks

i got the 2 secrets, im not sure what one of them was, but im pretty sure one was in the foggy area before walking down the big circular fan vent you turn around head up and find a gremlin who gives you food, the other might have been the hoops by the elevator that you can throw barrels into which if you get all three it plays a song?

Here they are 

This game is so hard! It's supposed to be 20-40 minutes long but I spent probably an hour on it and was only halfway through it because I died so many times. It's very hard to fight the pigs. I have a tendency to button mash, so after dying at one point, I accidentally pressed the wrong key (Q?) and it restarted the whole game. This was very unfortunate given that there is no save function. I think it's important for all games to have a save function, regardless of their length, but that's just my opinion. My fault for button mashing though. But it's a great game and I recommend it! I would definitely play it again in the future (and hopefully finish it). 


Sorry about that! I think it needs a save system too, but it was sadly outside the scope of a 6 week jam game.

If it helps there are key commands to skip levels. F2 to skip to next, but you will still need to pick up items.


RIP, that makes sense. Still a great game, though! Yeah, if you skip ahead then you'll probably have less items, so might as well replay it. I probably will soon. I'm not sure how the F2 thing works, though, since F2 is the decreasing volume button on the keyboard. Do you press Ctrl+F2 or something? 

I loved it!! I really enjoyed it! 

I got stuck on the level where you crawl through the vents after picking up the first aid syringe and a lead pipe, i kept failing to pass the two giant saws, got any suggestions, or anything you can do to help me out?

You should move about 1/3 through the saw pit and then switch lanes. This will allow you to get to other side. The video on this page shows me doing it if you are still unsure. 

You can also level skip back up to where you were with the F2 key btw.  

Damn, this game's pretty sweet, dude! Fun gameplay, twisted story, and that ending's even kinda heart warming haha. Great job!

I speedran your game dude. Probably gonna get approved in like 2 weeks. great game man, and I have lots to improve and find. Check it out on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/763297125

This game is awesome, not at all what I was expecting.  I loved the setting of the game.  No the usual slaughter house that you see, lol.  Thanks for making the game, I had a ton of fun playing!  

Good game! I found it to be difficult at times but I still enjoyed it and it felt very rewarding when I finished it. I'm not usually a fan of guns in horror games because I feel like the ability to kill the monster takes some of the scare away but you did a great job of implementing it since they were so strong and difficult to kill so it still managed to be quite scary. Good job! :D.

This is one of the best games I’ve played on itch.io!

Checkout my play through along with all my other spooky vids!

I loved it, wish there was more. I really hope this game gets expanded because I would love to come back for more.

Pretty good game, the only back part was when I got stuck on the toilet and had to restart the level because of it.

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just got done recording a video on this its got a very good physics engine and the gun feels solid id love to see a full game with more guns and enemies loved the experience and if you want to check out the video i made (blind playthrough btw) feel free to its at this channel: 


if you checked it out thank you and i hope you enjoyed 

ps. great game alot of fun bravo

I loved this game so much!!!! It was a blast to play on my own at night. It was really simple but really fun!! It would be much appreciated if u made more like these. Such a fun game and recommend to anyone who want a nice simple but fun game" !! :) 

I LOVED it...Fantastic,i beg you to make more of these,the gameplay is spot on and the level design and ambient is fantastic ty ty ty for this game...i really needed it,i noticed that people are sharing the blind runs they made so i am gonna do the same 

THANK YOU ACHEBIT....i loved it

32 bits version?

yo This was so much fun, I was actually caught off guard at how fun the map was to explore and I felt the difficulty was in a perfect sweet spot! I hope you enjoy watching my experience and PLEASE contact me if you have any new projects in the future, I would love to check out your work!!


Thanks for playing!

Working on something atm for the next horror jam. So one month from now =)

perfect ill be keeping my eyes out

Hi there, I'm writing for E1M1 Magazine, and we're currently working on piecing together a demo disc for our backers. Could we add your game to it?

Hi Jake!

I love what you guys are doing and would be honoured! If you need anything else from me just DM me on twitter.

This game was hella fun! :D :D :D Scariest s**t in my life... those sawblade pigs fast as hell man! :D :D :D NEED MORE!!
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I want you to know I really, really liked your game. ABG's youtube video brought me here. The really liked the graphics, and level design (reminded me of Half-life, and NaissanceE respectively). The sound design, too! I did stop at points to notice the fans, and wind. I do have some minor gripes with the last level though.

Possible bug: In the cage area, I would disable the first turret, get myself a conga line of pigs, and found that sometimes the turret would attack the aggro'd pigs. I think this even happened when I wasn't in it's line of sight.

Pipes: By the time I got the shotgun (at the vending machine pig) I had 4 pipes in my inventory, which I had to drop (loudly) to make space for it. Sneak attacks seem only slightly less dangerous than fighting a pig head-on, as they are very quick to turn and attack you despite the concussion. Playing it again, after a break it's much better.

Reading some comments it seems I might have missed an earlier shotgun, so that would have affected my feelings towards this level.

Anyway I've got a lot more time out of this than I expected so thank you
PS - Is this a jam game? It definitely doesn't feel like one, good work!

i enjoyed my hour of pig domination

Amazing work i assume a project like this took allot of your time and effort, any reason you didnt want to put it as a commercial game ? 

Is there any full version of the song that plays at the end? Maybe some sort of ost? I'm fascinated by it for some reason and constantly come back to listen to it again. 

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